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My Birth Experience at Sunway Medical Centre

Baby Kieran was a breech baby. (NO it’s not because he was lazy to turn. NO it’s not because I didn’t exercise! Doctor did find out why but I am not ready to share it here so I will keep it to myself for now). So I knew that I would be delivering him via… Continue reading My Birth Experience at Sunway Medical Centre

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Graduation 13/10/2012

I’ve been procrastinating for a month! Yes. It’s been a month since my graduation. I hope its not too late for me to share my joy with you all. I didn’t feel extremely excited about my graduation day. Really. It was just a ceremony to me. But I guess the few seconds when I was standing… Continue reading Graduation 13/10/2012

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♥ Happy Mid Autumn Festival ♥

A song dedicate to people who are travelling far away from home…. Tomorrow is Mid Autumn Festival. What’s your plan? I didnt go back hometown this weekend to celebrate Mid-Autumn with my family coz I will be goin back next week. It’s just very tiring to go back 2 consecutive weekends. So yeah. I am… Continue reading ♥ Happy Mid Autumn Festival ♥

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My Brother’s Special Moments

. Congratulation to my brother, Wekent Ee and his wife Janice Ong who just got married earlier this month! Fyi, he is my younger brother. I cant believe that he is the 1st one to loss his bachelorhood. Haha..  Wekent and Janice have been in a relationship for 5 years. Its not easy right? So… Continue reading My Brother’s Special Moments