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Review: Casa Highlands, Brinchang, Cameron Highland (Airbnb)

My family and i were extremely disappointed with our stay at Casa Highlands, Cameron Highland listed on Airbnb. This place was EXTREMELY DUSTY AND DIRTY. 1. Hair and dust could be found at every corner of the house – floor, table, bed EVERYWHERE. We also found hair on on our bed, right underneath he duvet.… Continue reading Review: Casa Highlands, Brinchang, Cameron Highland (Airbnb)

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My Birth Experience at Sunway Medical Centre

Baby Kieran was a breech baby. (NO it’s not because he was lazy to turn. NO it’s not because I didn’t exercise! Doctor did find out why but I am not ready to share it here so I will keep it to myself for now). So I knew that I would be delivering him via… Continue reading My Birth Experience at Sunway Medical Centre

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Graduation 13/10/2012

I’ve been procrastinating for a month! Yes. It’s been a month since my graduation. I hope its not too late for me to share my joy with you all. I didn’t feel extremely excited about my graduation day. Really. It was just a ceremony to me. But I guess the few seconds when I was standing… Continue reading Graduation 13/10/2012

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♥ Happy Mid Autumn Festival ♥

A song dedicate to people who are travelling far away from home…. Tomorrow is Mid Autumn Festival. What’s your plan? I didnt go back hometown this weekend to celebrate Mid-Autumn with my family coz I will be goin back next week. It’s just very tiring to go back 2 consecutive weekends. So yeah. I am… Continue reading ♥ Happy Mid Autumn Festival ♥

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My Brother’s Special Moments

. Congratulation to my brother, Wekent Ee and his wife Janice Ong who just got married earlier this month! Fyi, he is my younger brother. I cant believe that he is the 1st one to loss his bachelorhood. Haha..  Wekent and Janice have been in a relationship for 5 years. Its not easy right? So… Continue reading My Brother’s Special Moments