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Love you

Not emo or whatsoever.

Just feel like sharing a nice song.

My friend once said, “When you keep repeating a song, you’re killing the song!” I have this habit which I will keep repeating a song for more than 1000 times if I like that song. So yea. I am killing this song now.

Have a look at the MV. I found it very meaningful. Its about a love story of a pair of mannequin.

The less you have, the more you appreciate.

Good night! 😉

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Graduation 13/10/2012

I’ve been procrastinating for a month! Yes. It’s been a month since my graduation. I hope its not too late for me to share my joy with you all. I didn’t feel extremely excited about my graduation day. Really. It was just a ceremony to me. But I guess the few seconds when I was standing… Continue reading Graduation 13/10/2012

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♥ Happy Mid Autumn Festival ♥

A song dedicate to people who are travelling far away from home…. Tomorrow is Mid Autumn Festival. What’s your plan? I didnt go back hometown this weekend to celebrate Mid-Autumn with my family coz I will be goin back next week. It’s just very tiring to go back 2 consecutive weekends. So yeah. I am… Continue reading ♥ Happy Mid Autumn Festival ♥

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前几天,心血来潮去逛书店打发时间。  翻看了这本书,《愛自己:我愛你,但是我更愛我自己》。作者是女王。  很吸引人的书名吧?翻着翻着,不知不觉就几乎把正本书给看完了。  很值得看的一本书。女生们应该看一看哦… 。 。 。  “我們在愛情裡,常會不小心變成自己希望的樣子(或對方期望的樣子),而不是自己喜歡的樣子。我們用著不愛自己的方式去愛人,那麼,對方當然也會不愛我們。” 《愛自己:我愛你,但是我更愛我自己》 。。 。