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Review: Casa Highlands, Brinchang, Cameron Highland (Airbnb)

My family and i were extremely disappointed with our stay at Casa Highlands, Cameron Highland listed on Airbnb.


1. Hair and dust could be found at every corner of the house – floor, table, bed EVERYWHERE. We also found hair on on our bed, right underneath he duvet. I doubt they even change the bedsheets (read #2!).

2. There were some stains on our duvet cover and bedsheets. We don’t know what exactly they were (which could be saliva stain). DEFINITELY NOT something very PLEASANT to sleep with even for a night.

3. We checked in to very wet toilets/bathrooms.

4. We also found toothpick and kuaci skin in a corner.

5. The carpet in the living room was also extremely dirty – full of crumbs.

6. The house also had a very funny unpleasant smell.

Think twice before you book. However, if you want to go against my advice and book this place, i can still give you a tip – don’t need to be honest about the number of guests. Upon my arrival, nobody was there to pass me key. The housekeeper just left the key at the door. You can just bring in some extra guests without paying.

Here are some photo to prove how dirty this place was.

What really upset me is that the host didn’t even apologise!!!!


THINK TWICE before you book!


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