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My Birth Experience at Sunway Medical Centre

Baby Kieran was a breech baby. (NO it’s not because he was lazy to turn. NO it’s not because I didn’t exercise! Doctor did find out why but I am not ready to share it here so I will keep it to myself for now). So I knew that I would be delivering him via C-section quite early in my pregnancy even though I was in denial all the time and was still hopeful that he would flip until the day before my planned C-section in which I had my last check-up to confirm that he was still breech in week 39. I was a little bit disappointed that things didn’t go my way. I always (and still) think natural delivery is the BEST for mummy and baby. Yes, vaginal breech birth is not entirely impossible but it’s just not something commonly practiced and recommended here in Malaysia. So Ken and I decided that the safest birth for baby Kieran would be to go ahead with doctor’s advice and have the C-section.

After fasting from the night before the appointed day, I arrived at Sunway Medical Centre early in the morning (forgot the time) feeling very complicated (mere words can’t describe the feeling) and of course hungry. I had been prepping myself and I know exactly what to expect after reading all the planned C-section birth story online but yet I was still very nervous and terrified. I was ushered to my bed in a 4-bedded ward because single rooms were all occupied and it’s first come first served. As soon as I lied down, they put something on my belly to monitor my baby’s heartbeat and contraction. I was also given a thing to press to monitor baby’s movement (IDK the exact term but as long as you get what I mean la).

After I changed into a hospital gown, what happened next was quite out of my expectation. E N E M A. NO I didn’t expect THAT! I thought I would be given some oral stool softener instead. That’s what I read online. Well. That’s the difference of expectation vs reality. OK. I am not going into details on this one. Then few minutes later the meds took effect and I rushed to the toilet a few times. TADA. Felt so much lighter. Then the nurse shaved me. TMI i know. But it’s just something I think you would want to know too!

Closer to noon, the anesthetist came in to explain to me what she would be doing and got me to sign the consent form. I was given the options of Epidural and general anesthetic and of course I went for epidural. According to her, epidural works for most individuals.  The chances of it not working is extremely small and she asked me not to be worried. However, if epidural doesn’t work, they will then go for general anesthetic.

At about 12-ish, finally, I was rolled into the pre-operative floor. Ken was with me all the time in the room where I was given all the drips and injections by the anesthetist. Then the nurses rolled me into the operating theater for epidural injection where he had to leave. The operation theater was freaking cold and i started to shiver. In there, I was slid onto the operating table. Then I was asked to sit up right with my body bend forward. I didn’t have vision of what’s going on my back so I can’t really share the process with you but I can assure you you can feel the pain when they insert the needle. BEARABLE pain though. SO after the epidural injection and as soon as I was laid back, I was offered warming blanket because I was shivering like crazy! The catheter was inserted, which I didn’t feel, and they began to hang the sheet. When they were about to get Ken in, hiccup happened! When they were testing if epidural took effect, I can still feel pain on my right leg! You can still feel sensation because epidural only blocks PAIN but I feel pain when they were testing which is not right. They waited for a few minutes to allow more time for epidural to take affect but unfortunately I still feel sting on my right leg (they were probably poking my legs with something I AM NOT SURE). SO the anesthetist told me gently that they would have to put me to sleep and I was given oxygen to breath in. In less than a minute, I lost  all consciousness! TADA. My birth plan GONE.

When I opened my eyes again, I was already in the recovery room and the clock on the wall showed 3pm. My doctor was standing next to me and he explained to me the section went good and share with me my baby gender, weight, length, birth time, where the birth mark is and blah blah blah and someone would send me down to my ward soon. Then I fell asleep again. When I opened my eyes again, it was already 3.40pm. Guess they were shorthanded so I was left there for close to an hour. Not long after that I was FINALLY sent down to my ward. Ken and my parents in law were there waiting for me and so was our baby Kieran. This was the 1st time I laid my eyes on my baby Kieran and hugged him. It’s WEIRD I KNOW. YOU, who carried him in your belly for 9months, are not the 1st person to see, hug and kiss him. NVM.

I thought I would be so overwhelmed and would cried like a baby when I first met him but I didn’t. I was happy but BLUR and sleepy. Too blur to shed tears of joy.

After some rest, I breastfed him for the 1st time. That night, I was transferred to a single room with a sofa bed where Ken spent his night. That night we requested for the baby to be rooming in with us. I still remember clearly how amazing it was when three of us were left by ourselves. JUST THE THREE OF US.

To those mummies who are having a C-section in Malaysia (at Sunway Medical Centre particularly), I hope my birth story helps.It really wasn’t that bad.

p/s: Before I gave birth, I tried to Google birth stories in Malaysia hospitals but nothing really came out and that’s what TRIGGERED me to come out with this blogpost.

VERDICT: I had very positive experience with Sunway Medical Centre. The hospital was very clean and comfortable. The staff were professional and friendly. Expensive bill though.

Last but not least, ENJOY the video!






2 thoughts on “My Birth Experience at Sunway Medical Centre

  1. Hi, if you don’t mind, may I know roughly how much is the cost for the C-sect?
    Btw, Congrats on your arrival of your baby 🙂

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