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The Little Girl Inside of Me

Was never a fan of Disney. Have never dreamt of visiting Disneyland. Guess I am just an old soul. Many things seem to be too young for me. *sigh* Me and my mentality.

However, when you’re in a country where there is a Disneyland, you just have to take the chance to step into the wonderland, no? So yeah. Paid my very 1st visit to Disneyland HK during my very 1st HK trip.

I didn’t know i would actually got so excited. I felt like there’s a little girl inside of me for the 1st time after so long!

Now let the photos do the talking.


By way of introduction, this guy on the right (yea i know there is only one guy in the photo) is Ken, my hubby boy.

Look at that big smile on my face! Happy beyond words.

It was a very hot day! If you’re a puteri lilin (like me?), never eva eva eva visit Disneyland in the Summer. I had severe sunburn around my shoulder. YES, I did apply sunblock SPF 110!







Yummey Mickey Tiramisu


Kiddie ride


Managed to catch two shows despite the huge crowd and long queue everywhere.


Stayed until 9pm just to catch the fireworks! It was really really really awesome.
Words failed to describe the blissful feeling being able to stand next to him and watch the fireworks in his embrace.


All the merchandise are so freaking exxy. He bought one  for me anyway. 🙂


Great time we had. Thanks my love for arranging such a wonderful trip for me. My first visit to HK, first visit to Disneyland, first time taking flight alone, first MAS experience, first sunburn in my entire life, first blah blah blah…….. Its definitely a trip to be remembered for a lifetime.

Baby, thanks for making our 1st trip an amazing one.


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