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Graduation 13/10/2012

I’ve been procrastinating for a month!

Yes. It’s been a month since my graduation. I hope its not too late for me to share my joy with you all. I didn’t feel extremely excited about my graduation day. Really. It was just a ceremony to me. But I guess the few seconds when I was standing on the stage receiving my graduation album from the Sultan, i made my parents and my family proud. Yes, I did it! 🙂

Its been a long 4 years. Thanks ChiewLee and HonTing for being with me thru all the ups and downs and the wonderful time (you girls are awesome).

Life as student was never easy. The journey was rough. I am not talking about the studying part only, but also my life as a freelancer. Counting every single penny spent was like part of my university life. I am glad that I made it through. Thanks everyone for the support over the years from the bottom of my heart. 

A big Thank You to my parents and my siblings for their love, time, money, effort and everything.

Lastly, a sincere thanks to everyone who attended my graduation day.

p/s: I would thank everything except the weather! It was a rainy day! 😦

That’s all for now. ♥


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