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Somersby Apple Cider

What do you think about when you see apple? An apple a day keeps the doctor away? 🙂

When I see apple, i think about Somersby Apple Cider!

Joined Somersby Garden Party @ La Bodega Pavilion with boyfie last week. The event was on Tuesday, 6pm. I tell you the traffic to KL was a nightmare! Fortunately, its well worth it becoz the event was a great one.

The dress code was GREEN and YELLOW. So here’s how i dressed.

 Outfit of the day

Lord Somersby was there 🙂

Love at the first Sip. I truly fell in love with Somersby Apple Cider.

Sweet and refreshing. 

There were a lot of games at the party where you can win amazing prizes like iPad, MacBook, iPod etc.

My boyfie and I were not lucky enough to bring home the MacBook. We won only two vouchers. LOL.

Meeeet my new boyfie. HaHa. Just Kidding.

That’s all for now. XO.


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