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Ronald’s Imba Birthday Trip

Okay Okay Okay Okay Okay Okay… It’s time to blog after so long. 

Hello everybody! 🙂

Last week, the boyfie and i went for a 3D2N Langkawi trip with Ronald and Claudia. It was Ronald’s birthday last Wednesday and the birthday boy had decided to have a getaway to a place where he and his wifey Claudia can drink their hearts out! Langkawi the duty free island is definitely a good choice.

We drove all the way from PJ to Kuala Kedah. It was really a very long journey. The journey took about 6 hours. Ferry ride took another 1.5 hours. .


In order to travel around the huge island, we rented a car. Then we headed straight to the hotel..

After wash-up and everything, it was already dinner time. I got nothing much to say about the dinner. *sigh* Two words…….. NO GOOD.


Had a couples of drinks at a beach bar.

Followed by 2nd round in the hotel room.


Take a guess who was the first 1 to go to bed? Yes, you’re right. It’s me!

I, so called the-lousiest-drinker, lost my consciousness after few cups. Hahaha..

On the next day, we wanted to wake up at 8am to go for swimming. Unfortunately, mission failed due to alcohol overdose. Half of the day’s gone when we woke up. 😦 

We still managed to visit quite a number of places though.

Let the photos do the talking…


First destination: Oriental Village

Rabbit feeding

I dressed like a yummy carrot. The bunnies wanted to eat me.

2.2 km of cable car ride at an incline of 42 degrees up to 709 meters.

Great view from the top of Gunung Mat Cincang… 

2nd Destination: Black Sand Beach


3rd Destination: Kilim Mangrove & Nature Park

First we stopped at Bat Cave.

 There were hundreds of bats hanging upside down at the top of the cave sleeping.

Then, we stopped at fish farm.

Touched live stingrays for the 1st time.

They are actually very friendly and adorable.

Some very weird crustacean. Forgot the name tim…


The tour was about 2 hours. After that, we went to The Zon to buy some liquors and chocolate.


After dinner…….

Yeap. Here we go again.

And again, i was the 1st one down. Ahaha…

On the last day, FINALLY we managed to wake up early in the morning. YEAH! 


Super dark dark eye circles… Who cares lah….

Holiday Villa super big swimming pool

Hello sunshine!

Hello beach!


That’s all for now! 

Good nite.. 🙂


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