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My Brother’s Special Moments


Congratulation to my brother, Wekent Ee and his wife Janice Ong who just got married earlier this month!

Fyi, he is my younger brother. I cant believe that he is the 1st one to loss his bachelorhood. Haha.. 

Wekent and Janice have been in a relationship for 5 years. Its not easy right? So i am really really glad that they finally tied the knot. Happy for both of you! 



Family photo

Back (Left to Right): Jacky, WeeSian, Darren, Me!

Front (Left to Right): Daddy, Wekent, Janice, Mummy

I caught the bouquet! I will be the next to get married? Yeay? LOL.


The wedding dinner was held Shi Wei Fu Restaurant.

The food was good but the ambiance and service were quite bad.

Again, congratulation!







Last but not least, my wonderful family. ♥


Wish Wekent and Janice a happy married life! Cheers.


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