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Dragon Year 2012

Hello everyone!

It’s been a long time since i last updated my blog. Hope you’re doin good.

How was your CNY celebration? Mine was okay.  CNY is the best time for gathering with family. It was fun to see all the family members coming home.

CNY is the best time for you to look good and fresh as its beginning of a new year. I am most excited about the wear new clothes part. Hehe.



1st day of CNY:

Wearing my bro’s Gucci belt coz it looks good on me. 🙂

2nd day of  CNY is also my grandpa’s death anniversary.

We will always miss you grandpa.. :’) 

Meet my family…

Back (from left to right): 小姑,五姑,四姑,三姑,二姑,大姑,娘

Front (from left to right): 婶婶,叔叔,婆婆,爹

Meet the cutest kids..

4th day

We had steamboat. Yes, It’s a tradition.

So happy that Kelvin came that day and joined us.

Wish everyone a happy, healthy, prosperous Dragon Year.

That’s all for now. XO.


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