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Hmmm… Was lying on the bed. Wanted to sleep early tonite to pay back all the sleep debts. But unfortunately, i cant sleep.

And not sure why, suddenly i feel like blogging. Have some random tot in mind. Gotta release it out so that i can have a peaceful mind to sleep? Maybe…



Love is like investment. Do you agree?

People are advised to do thorough research before making investment decision.

But when it comes to relationship, how many people really do research about their love one before making their decisions to invest their time, love and energy?  Most of the time, people let their hearts speak louder than their heads.

And just like investment, you may win or lose.

Some investments have positive ROI. If the ROI is positive, of course the more you put in the more you gain.

But if an investment shows negative ROI, the more you put in the more you may lose.

So, will you put in your all in your relationship or you will create and maintain an emergency fund?? 



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