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Step Inside the Black Circuit Lounge – Brazil

Hello peeps!

Imma gonna blog about another PARTY i joined recently!

It was my 1st time attending the exclusive Johnnie Walker party. The event was grand eventho it was held at KL Life (I personally dont like this place due to certain reason).

Unlike Hennessy Artistry, there was no artist performance. Only DJs playing the music for the whole night. And they served special Johny Walker cocktails and finger food too.

Surprisingly I didnt get drunk for both the HA and JW events. I am now cutting down on drinking as the state of my health is not that good nowadays (getting old). So I didnt drink much.  

Enjoy the photos! 🙂 



Tube – Kitschen

Skirt – bought from Asian Avenue, Sunway Pyramid

Bangles – Nose

Clutch – Nose

Ring – Forever 21

Black Heels – NYC.


Next post: Merry Guinness

Stay tuned!! :*


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