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Hennessy Artistry 2011


I am extremely busy with my thesis, tests, presentations, assignments, interviews and parttime jobs recently as i am now approaching the end of my 7th semester. *Busy like a bee*

Oh, i forgot to mention that i am busy parteying too. 🙂

Was invited to Hennessy Artistry. It was not my 1st time attending HA, but it was my 1st time to go with my best girl friends and Kelvin.

Outfit of the day:

Polka dot Dress – F Block

White Heels – Charles & Keith

Clutch – Nose

Bangles – Nose

Gold Necklace – Heart Attack

Ring – Forever 21



Four passes from Tim Chew. Thanks to Tim and Angeline.

Like every other HA event, there were performances by artists from overseas.

And I stood right in front of the stage.

I fell in love with Park Jun Ming for few minutes.. He was so pretty that night!!

The sexy goddess, LANDY!!

Chris Willis

Lastly, the cute dancer. ♥♥♥

Overall, it was a good event. We didnt stick until the end tho.


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