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Betty’s Midwest Kitchen

I have always eaten 3 meals a day out of my upbringinig. If you noe me well, you noe  that altho i always complain about my weight, i am still eating 3 meals a day. And i guess this is the biggest part of the reason why i am still so FAT. I TELL YOU I AM REALLY FAT.

I am always at war with myself. >.< I hate being fat but i still eat. 

Went to Betty’s Midwest Kitchen for the 1st time weeks ago. I highly recommended this restaurant. The food is delicious!


The interior..

Hungry gal waiting for her food.

Orange juice for me, Root Beer for Angel, apple juice for Daryl aka B, and Sky Juice for Kel.

Spot the sky juice!

Here we go!!

“Dog Food”

This is the name of the food. I am not kidding. 

Yummy!! I am craving for Dog Food now. Woof woof! 


Pork Chops with Country Gravy

Jucy Lucy

Burger with super thick pork and beef pattie and juicy melted cheese centre.

Classical Meatloaf

Pulled-pork Burger

The burger was too big for my mouth. 


The place is always full house even on weekdays. Dont forget to make reservation before you go.



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