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Pulau Jerejak 2D1N

Pulau Jerajak is a very beautiful tropical island located between Penang Main Island and Seberang Prai. I’ve been there once in 2009 when i worked for a travel agency called Pearl Holidays. My job scope was basically assisting tour guide taking care of primary school kids such as escort them to jungle trekking or hiking, play games with them and so on. I used to travel a lotz in my 1st and 2nd year of uni before i quit the job. I loved the job but i am too busy to take any outstation job now.

Pulau Jerejak is really a nice place. After we (Angeline and I) saw a very nice deal on Groupon, we decided to revisit the beautiful island. This time we can finally fully enjoy the trip as we dont hafta take care of the naughty primary school kids!

My blog post usually contains more photos than words. So, as usual, i’ll let the photos do the talking. 

I woke up ard 4.15am to get ready. We went Jerejak by Daryl’s car. So we  hafta wake up a bit earlier to meet Angeline and Daryl in Subang  and to have breakfast together.

Meet Angeline and the boyfie, Daryl.

Penang Bridge.. Penang sky..

It was a beautiful sunny day. 🙂

Jetty Jerejak.

Already mentioned it’s an island rite? So we must hop on a ferry to go to the island.

Yiiii… Wet & smelly safety vest.

The smell of the ocean.  *sniff sniff*

Jerejak Island!!!

Look from outside. Wanna see our room? Scroll down.

Our room. Nice rite?

Kel and I went for a walk after we put our luggage in our room. I was his tour guide. 🙂

 Swimming pool ♥


The beach…

Wanted to take a nap before jumping into the pool but there was no electricity. So we both skipped nap and straight away went swimming.

That’s all for my 2D1N Jerejak trip. 
Hope that four of us hav chance to go for trips together again….  ♥

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