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Phuket – Explore the rest of the island

Third Day: We hired a mini-bus with driver, who is also the tour guide, to explore the rest of the island.

Here are more photos of our Phuket trip.


Woke up quite early in the morning to cari makan. I LOVE MAKAN. I can makan all day when travelling.. And only when travelling.

Hawker on bike selling food. There were so many choices!

Black pepper chicken sticky rice. Nice!

Satisfying Smile 🙂

Fried chicken. Yummy!

Next stall…


Next……… A restaurant selling dim sum.

20baht per plate.

Basil minced meat rice with fried egg

Lastly, a bottle of milk. 

After my heavy meaty breakfast, our driver finally arrived.

Our driver/tour guide. I forgot his name. Quite handsome hor?

Boon = driver assistant?? LOL.

1st Destination: Pearl Factory

Different types of pearl. So shiny and beautiful..

Cheap noe! You can get a pearl bracelet at 1000baht.

Group photo: Boon, Kiat, Your beloved Jazel, Liang, Dato, Yap

2nd Destination: T-shirt factory

I bought a “I  Phuket” shirt here.

3rd Destination: Pornthip Sea Store

They sell a wide range of edible souvenir products. Fish floss, tomyum paste, biscuits, cashew nuts blah blah blah.. If you gt go to Phuket, please help me to buy some cashew nuts from this store. Please.. 😉

Antie carrying a basket.

Car plate number of the mini-bus. Faster go buy 4D! 😛

Gulugulu.. Tummy growled. Time for lunch! We had our lunch at a shopping complex. Sorry, again, I forgot the name.

Played with the camera while on the way to our next destination.

As usual, I fell asleep on the way. I love this photo. Nice Sleeping Beauty face.. Hahaha.

Photos of food again… I hope you like food just like me.

Kuey chap

Sum Tham (Papaya salad)

Fried bean curd

Next Destination: Bee Farm

This place is only a shop selling honey and honey products. Chewww.. Thought we can really go to the farm and see how the honey is produced.

Yap so cute!

Group photo

Iced honey drinks for hot day.

2nd Last Destination: Wang Talang

This place is also a souvenir shop. They also sell jewellery. Nothing much to talk about.

E for EeJiaJing?  Or E for Elephant?

Lastly, Wat Chalong Temple….

This temple is soooooooooo huge.

So windy..

After that, guys headed back to guesthouse to take a bath and get some shut-eye. Liang and I decided to go for a walk on the beach. 

At night, as usual, we walked around the town after dinner.

Dinner: Tomyum kung + Stir-fried pork with long bean

SWENSEN’S for dessert. Why is Swensen so cheap in Thailand? Why? Why? Why?

Girl has two stomachs. 🙂

What’s next? Massage la of coz. 200baht/hour. Ridiculous cheap!

According to my friends, I fell asleep and lost conscious totally. They couldnt wake me up. LOL. I was just too tired.

A cup of tea after massage. What a life..

Passed a hawker stall selling pancake on the way back to guesthouse.

Banana pancake, anyone?

That is all. 🙂

Goodbye, Phuket!

The next day: We flew to Singapore. 

Hello, Singapore!


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