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Phuket – Phi Phi Island

2nd Day of  our Phuket trip: Visit to Phi Phi Island, the highlight of the entire vacation.

It was an activity-packed day. We went to different islands,  snorkeled for 3 times, fed some monkeys, had our lunch in swimwear and……… Just enjoy the photos!


Wong sifu, Liang, Your Beloved JJ, Dato, Boon & Yap.

Speedboats to Phi Phi Island.


1st destination: Ko Phi Phi.

Beautiful beach.. Paradise!

Crystal clear water.

Spent like half an hour on Ko Phi Phi, and then boarded our speedboat  for next destination.

Ice-cold Pepsi on a blazing day. Syiok!

Only one word to describe the place….. Paradise! 

Last DRY photo taken before i jumped into the sea.

3,2,1…. Let’s jump!

Heavenly beautiful!

Boat stopped at Monkey Bay for us to feed the monkey.

When i was wondering, can the monkeys swim, one of the monkeys jumped into the water, then the other monkeys followed. So cute wey!

Had our lunch on this island. Sorry, I forgot the name.

Boarded speedboat again after lunch.

Khai Nai Island.

Time for snorkeling!

Fishes like bread. =)

And they like me too!  *surrounded by fishes*

My fav…..Pineapple.

Group photo before we headed back to Patong. ❤

We were exhausted. So we had a bath, took a short nap before we headed out for dinner.

I love to go to convenience store in Thailand. Not sure why..

A bottle of milk, a bottle of health.

*Oops.. Dry hair after too much of sunlight and seawater.*

Again, BBQ pork before dinner. Cheap and nice la..

Food and me. Heehee..

Pineapple fried rice

Tomyum kung

Chili fried squid

Walked around the town after dinner. 

Jungceylon, the nearest shopping complex.

Dairy Queen, my new fav… They serve the best blizzard ice-cream!

Can somebody please open one in Malaysia? =P

Blissful smile.. =)

17th of May was Wesak Day. Selling of alcohol is prohibited. So we decided to go back to have our own party in our room.

Playing cards game..

Guys’ fav, alcohol?

Day 3: Pearl factory, souvenir shops, honey farm, temple, Wang Talang, beach and……..

So stay tuned! =*


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