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Pre-graduation Trip – Phuket

Why PRE-graduation? Okay. I am still undergraduate. I graduate in 2012 and thats the world is supposed to end. In fact, this was their graduation trip. Yes, THEIRS. The Guys. My every 1st trip with five of them.

We…. Nearly… Just… Missed… Our… Flight… Can you believe it?! We ran like chicken in airport. I never ran so fast in my life. That was my first time running on such a high speed. LOL.

Everybody was still sweating.

Landed in PHUKET.

Got out of the arrival gate and met up with our driver before heading over to SOM Guest House.

The uncle is the owner of the guest house. A very friendly and nice Korean.

The room was comfy.

So we took a little bit of rest, had a bath then headed to the town.

My MAKAN journey started here.

Dont play play! Know how many Kg i gained? Oh ya.. You wont know because am not gonna tell you. =P

Tomyum kung

Pineapple fried rice

Kuey zap

C.O.C.O.N.U.T. So refreshing!

Makan again after lunch. This time McDonald.

Walked around.

Patong beach.

My fav food in Phuket — BBQ pork! 10baht each. Cheap!

My appetizer before dinner. 

Decided to have Thai massage before dinner. 200baht for one hour. Cheap!


Dinner time!

Tom yum wan tan mee

Bee hoon soup special

Heehee =)

Phuket Nightlife is awesome!

There are plenty of pubs and bars.

Awesome, rite? The dancers are so damn HOT!

Day 2: Phi Phi Island (To be continued…)

I wanted to blog my 4 days journey in this post but then i realized that’s a bad idea. 

So, stay tuned! 



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