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V’s Day. Our Day!

Dear all the women out there, Happy Women’s Day!

Yea.. It’s March and i am gonna blog about February! LOL.

Celebrated my V’s Day with my friends at Sid’s Pub, Bangsar South and OverTime, IOI Boulevard Puchong.

Get drunk and being out of senses is…. FUN! Alcohol allows you to TEMPORARYrun away from some problems and issues. I’m loving it! However, too much of alcohol is bad for health. Everyone knows that rite? Seriously have to cut down on my alcohol intake.

Outfit for V’s Day. Romantic huh?

Dinner @ Sid’s Pub.


Pigs In Blankets.

Blue Cheese Mushroom.

Pork Vindaloo. It was really SPICY!

Sid’s Pork Burger.

*act cute* Cute? XD

OverTime @ IOI Boulevard Puchong.

Starker! *smooch*

Yam sheng!

My gossip buddies.. Guys also make good gossip buddies noe!! =)

Let me introduce them one by one…

Mr. Ah Liang.

Mr. Ah Boon.

Mr. Ah He.

Mr. Ah Yap.

Mr. Ah Kiat.

This guy is not “Mr.”. He is Dato! Dato Lim Kit Siang.

Our Birthday boy! He was born on V’s day.

I love hanging out with them. They are soo nice and cute! And i love to GOSSIP too.. ❤




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