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Another Reunion Dinner

Hi guys..

Wednesday was my batch Food Studies reunion dinner.

Hmmmm… Time flies… It’s our last reunion dinner before we all undergo internship separately and graduate. In fact, it’s our first reunion dinner. =)

Thanks to Jason Wong, our course representative and also the organizer of the dinner. The food was great. We all enjoyed ourselves soooooo muchie that night.. We gathered, chatted,  joked around, and had great fun!

Confession: Three of us were late! Sorry guys.. Please accept our sincere apologies.


Let the photos do the talking.

First dish – Seven Rainbow Colours of Jellyfish Yee Sang


Back: Jason (aka Fei Ren) + Wah Zai

Front: Hon Ting + Siew Gin + JJ + Chiew Lee

Suddenly, the dinner became our January Babe, Leaf’s mini birthday party!

Leaf, happy birthday!


MaySing + A-Mi + Cherry + JJ + MeiYee + SiewGin

Rare Species..

YunYun + YiZhen

The Tallest Species.. (Dun beat me k!)

Just ignore this fella.. hahaha..

Group photo!

Before leaving..

(三友=Happy Three Friends)


After the dinner, I went for 2nd round with my FACULTY MATES. We went to Puchong IOI Mall for movie Homecoming.

I was so so so excited yet so NERVOUS! For the 1st time, I was nervous about watching movie. LOL! We already forgot who was the person who came out with this BRILLIANT idea. Let’s name the game. I gonna call it “Shuffle”. Nice name huh? Haha..

Here’s the game’s RULE. ODD number tickets are for galz and EVEN number tickets are for guys. Everyone (eighteen of us) draws a ticket at random. Ladies enter the cinema hall first to find their seats. (The reason why I was nervous.. You dont know who’s the lucky 1 that gonna win the chance to sit beside you & watch the movie with you. LOL!) Followed by the guys enter the cinema hall and find their seats and GODDESS.

(Jiang x 4) The winner goes to Raymond Kuan! *applause*



It’s been years I havent been watching movie with guy other than Mr. Yew.

Raymond, you are really LUCKY lo… Hahahaha..

Mr. Yew KL, you are still the luckiest 1! No worries.. XD


All, thanks for the sweet memories! I am really glad to know you guys.



2 thoughts on “Another Reunion Dinner

  1. the one ur photo wif strawberry must b dreaming of someone… btw, thanks tat i m still number one, dun worry u also the same number one for me n not number 7!!! yahooooooooooooooooooooo

  2. hahahahaha…
    i like this sentence:

    (Jiang x 4) The winner goes to Raymond Kuan! *applause*

    yes, i’m the big winner! hahahaha=P
    luckily u r not the loser =P u sure know what i mean…hehehe

    liang: u enjoy on tat night ma? 笑着回家还是被笑着回家?

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