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Reunion @ Chillex

Chinese New Year 2011, the year of Rabbit is coming soon!

Can’t wait to go back to hometown!!

Yesterday when my sis called me, my daddy asked me beside the phone, “Do you miss home? Do you miss ah pa?”

Dad and mum, I know you miss me and so am I.. Hahaha.. One more week to go.. Wait patiently. Your lovely daughter will be back soon. =)

Chinese New Year reunion dinner normally happens on new year’s eve. But my besties and I hav our own tradition. =P

We normally have our reunion lunch/dinner 1 or 2 weeks before everyone goes back to hometown for CNY.

Last year, we had our Reunion Lunch at Tenji @ Solaris Mont Kiara. Why lunch? Erm…. Buffet lunch is CHEAPER! LOL.


Photo taken in washroom@ Tenji, Feb 2010.

p/s: we WERE so young and cute! XD


We had our 2011 Reunion Dinner last night! Spent dinner with Chiew Lee and Hon Ting @ Chillex, Bandar Putri Puchong.


It was raining cats and dogs on the way to Puchong.


Traffic jams nowadays are not a big deal. The journey (from Serdang to Puchong) took about ONE hour. *fainted*

Nothing much to type here, enjoy the pictures..


Chillex Cafe – A place to chill ‘n relax

Clean + modern ambiance..



(why ‘J’ first? Coz I am the oldest 1.. Shhh… Dont tell others! Haha)

Love the sofa..

with my apple yogurt drinks..

Chillex Beef Burger

Nachos With Caked Cheese

Chicken Chop

Dessert: Waffle topped with vanilla+strawberry ice-cream



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