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Best study snacks

I really hate studying and I am sure that some of you share the same sentiment.

It’s kinda sad to say that I am not productive at all during the day. I prefer to study during the night..

Here to share what i snack on when I am fighting to stay awake.



JJ’s favorite candy: Sticky

(STICKY is a very popular hand made candy brand in Australia; specializing in hand-made, quality rock candy. You can find STICKY @ 1Utama.)

How cuteeee!!

Each candy comes with their own colourful design and even have words inside them. I wonder how they shape it.

Wu Hua Gua.. I prefer to call it as “giam giam” (which means “salty” in Hokkien.)

McVitie’s Digestive Biscuits


I have few days time before my next paper.I am soooo not in the mood to study. It’s so-called “Last-Minute-Study syndrome”??

I slept all day long today. Why do I still keep yawning?? OK. It’s bedtime again I guess..

Night world!


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