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Hi all!

Too much of tests, assignments and activities involved lately. I hadn’t have much time to update my blogs. Thank you for still reading and supporting.. *kiss*

Guess wat.. Hennessy Artistry is back in town!  The event was held at MIECC this year.

Yeah yeah!

It has been YEARS i haven’t been partying. I miss PARTY! Anyhow, this was my very first time attending Hennessy Artistry. I’m sure everyone enjoyed till the max that night. And so was I!

Enjoy the photo.  =)

Dinner @ Popeye, Mines.

The global art of mixing…

Hennessy or Me?

All still SOBER and handsome..

Muakss Hennessy..

Mix your own cocktail.

Spot me.

It tasted really good. *warm up*

Bond’s Boy.

My body guard–Mr. Yew

The girlz.. JJ, PeiMum & Cheng Seng.

Pink-ish puffy cheeks after a few glasses..

Performance of the night:

Mizz Nina!!!

Da Mouth.

Kardinal offishall.

The end of the party: Drunkards..

Time for H2O. *dizzy*

The party was awesome! Everyone had so much fun. =)

I want mooooore party!!

It’s 3.23am. Again, I can’t sleep! Arghhhh…

Any cure? I am trying hard to cure insomnia by taking a SHORT nap.. Really really short nap.. But i failed.. @.@


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