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Food Fair UPM

This week has been really tough. I am as busy as a bee. 3 tests and 1 quiz in a week… *faint*

Do you know what does UPM stand for? It stands for ‘Universiti Peperiksaan Malaysia’. We have tests from the beginning until the end of each semester. Some of my friends said UPM stands for ‘Universiti Pai Mia’. Can’t agree more.. We are really pai mia.. (Pai mia means ‘hard life’ in hokkien). =P

Every year, there will be a food fair organized by the students from faculty of Food Science and Technology UPM. This was my second times joining the annual event. This year we have come out the theme EXTRA ORDINARY. Basically we have food & beverage exhibition, culinary competition, culinary demonstration & banquet dinner……

And friends, please don’t overestimate my ability. I was just a very very very small committee in charge of the background preparation.

I only know how to pump balloons. XD

Beautiful Cupcakes for decoration.

It’s edible!! No doubt.

So beautiful… Cupcakes!


F&B exhibition


Snek Ku


Sushi King

Big Apple

Ice cream


Hon Ting + Chiew Lee

Makan & minum when jaga registration counter.

Gift from my didi. Graphic Chocolate.

A smiling Panda who slept for only 2 hours coz of exam. @.@

~The End~

I’ll be looking forward for our food fair next year!



6 thoughts on “Food Fair UPM

  1. wahlao…study is always ho mia de ler still complaint so much…wait u come out to working life that time u will really know what the word call pai mia…like me…!!lolz..hahaha…

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