I really don’t enjoy staying home during weekends. I prefer to go out to do some shopping or makan with friends rather than stay in..

I love food lotzz. What about you? I’m glad i have siblings and some friends who love to eat too. We always discover new restaurants and taste delicious food together. =)

And I guess this may be a big part of the reason why i gain weight easily. I just can’t resist food! Can you? hehe..

This time…. I was introduced to Hui Ge’s roasted duck rice in Puchong.

Buatan Malaysia? XD

Roasted duck + Roasted chicken

Char siew + Siew yok

Plus a small plate of fibres. *Claps *

Even if I eat a massive meal, I still CRAVE dessert afterwards. It’s time for dessert!

Thanks Raymond for introducing this confectionery shop to me. I love it!

Tong Kee Bread & Tarts

Tong Kee famous with the original flavor egg tarts. This guy bought almost the whole tray of freshly baked egg tarts.

Yummy flaky pastry egg tarts.

Hmmm… Egg tarts are not enough. Guys still CRAVE something sweet. =P

Second round…. TauFuFa @ Old Klang Road. Unfortunately, i get allergic reaction when i drink soy milk or eat taufufa. But, as i told u before, i can’t resist food! So, i did try some. It’s really smooth. Just put into the mouth and it will melt by itself! Awesome!

Chocolate + Pandan + Mango + Sweet Corn Flavored Taufa

Redbean Taufufa

That’s all for my half-day makan trip with Khai Liang, Raymond and Sew.I have had a great time with you guys. Hopefully we can go EXPLORE new places and taste new dishes again soon. =*

Self-snap when on the way home. Smile!

Stay tuned!


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