Holidays ended

Hi guys! I’m back.. It’s been 2 weeks of being home, and now I’m back to uni. Ya, I’ve just finished my 2 weeks holidays. I found it hard to get back on track with school after the holiday break ended. Do you agree? I have two tests next week, but I’m totally not in the mood.

And I’m seriously homesickkkk!!! Guess what, I spent ALL of my time with my lovely family this holiday. It’s hard to leave home. Wuwuwu….

This holiday…… I went to Melaka 3 times. Wondering why do I love Melaka so much? Tell you a secret, I was born in Melaka. This is the reason why i love Melaka so much.. Hahaha..

First Trip… I didn’t take much photo during my first Melaka trip. So, nothing much to talk about.

Second trip… I went with Khai Liang. We went there for food and also movie Piranha. The movie is so damn BLOODY… Very geli…

Driver of the day: Mr. Yew

Jalan-jalan at Jonker



Makan very famous and delicious chicken rice ball @ Restoran Chung Wah

My fav durian cendol

Mr. Yew’s red bean cendol

After Jonker, we went to Dataran Pahlawan for Nadeje’s cheese cakes and movie.

Mango yogurt + Tiramisu

Cheeeeeeese cake!!

I tell you.. I can finish ALL… =P


After watching Piranha at Dataran Pahlawan, we went to Jalan Ong Kim Wee for satey celup before we headed back to Segamat.

Satey celup


We eat too full, so we decided to go for a walk at seaside.

That’s all for 09.09.2010.


Third trip… I went with my family. We went to Melaka because my bro Dallen Ee said he misses chicken rice ball and wanna watch Resident Evil.

This guy is Dallen Ee.

The two behind me: my youngest brother(Left) and my mummy (right)

It is a common sight to see a long queue under the hot sun @ Chung Wah during holiday.

So, we gave up. We decided to go Hoe Kee.

Again.. Chicken rice balls..

Again.. Jonker walk..

Again.. Nadeje..

And again.. Satey celup.. Becoz of AGAIN, i didn’t take photo. Plus there was a long queue and was packed. I didnt have the mood to take photo.. =D

I have had a wonderful time with my lovely family. Really dont feel like come back to uni..



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