I Love September

It’s September finally. A special month which means a lotz to me. Why? Hmmm… That is my little secret. =P

Do you get excited when it’s a new month? Or is it really just me?

Anyway, Happy September to all of you who are reading this blog post. And, Happy holiday too!

Every new month means new start. It’s time to get a little……. sexy?? Haha..

Yep, I have just dyed my hair to MILK TEA BROWN.

Actually the colour isn’t that obvious.

But I love it sooooo much.. This colour suits me and it made my skin look fairer now!

Besides, September also means birthday of our September Babe!

Last night, we celebrated ChiewLee’s birthday at Shogun, Sunway Pyramid.

This table is reserved for THREE of us!

Happy birthday to Chiew Lee in advance! May your days be filled with happiness and sunshines..

And all your wishes come true..

Stay tuned! Be back soon.. X.O.X.O.


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