One of the closest coursemate of mine, Chiew Lee,  is a national volleyball player. Have you heard of this name before? No?? No way..

If you are from UPM, I am sure you’ve met her before. She is very eye-catching because she is always the tallest in the crowd. Have you met a tall girl in campus? Ya, that’s she! Hehehe.. (Chiew Lee, dont beat me ya..)

Well.. Let’s get back to the point. She used to travel to many different countries for tournaments. (Ya, I’m a teeny bit envious of her life, I wish I can travel that often too!)

Last week, she traveled to China.
Here’s the souvenirs she bought especially for me and Angeline.

A Bling Bling Notebook..

(My fav colour!! GOLD.)

And many different kinda snacks and sweets.

Thanks Chiew Lee. Muakss.. Muakss…

Love them so much! Especially the BlingBling notebook. =)


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