Look Out Point

After paying back all my sleep debt, it’s time to hang out with friends. Yes! It’s Saturday. I don’t want to stay at home! People have the need to meet up with friends and chat, aren’t we?

My besties and I decided to settle our dinner at Hoi Tong Steamboat Restaurant before heading to Look Out Point for 2nd round. Does Hoi Tong sound familiar to you? It’s a very famous eat-all-you-can steamboat restaurant in Serdang.

Outfit of the day:

Yes, it’s Chiew Lee.  =)

She joined us for dinner but she abandoned us after that.

After dinner, we sent Chiew Lee back to her hostel reluctantly. =(


Self-snapping in the car while on the way to Look Out point..

And also in toilet. =P

We are shy laaa..

Long stairs.. Let’s rest awhile.

@ Gasoline..

I’m licking Tarzan–one of my fav drinks (chocolate + banana).


JJ & Khai Liang

Sweet couple.. Boon Kit & Angeline.

Beautiful night scene..

Acting cute..

That’s all for my Saturday night.

It’s time to go to my dream world. Goodnight world.. Wish you’ll have the sweetest dream tonight…

See you!


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